Wha the A.H Beard team don’t know about sleep…isn’t worth knowing. Founded in 1899, the 5th generation Australian family company have a mission to help people create a better life through a great night’s sleep, with beautiful mattresses backed by an ethos of craftsmanship, quality and sustainability.

We are delighted that A.H Beard will be exhibiting at the 2023 Green Design Hub at Decor + Design and The Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF), 13 – 16 July at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. With the theme of ‘Elevate’, the show will take visitors on a journey into true sustainability. Curated by Karie Soehardi of Circular Design Thinking, the Green Design Hub will be a thought-provoking space and also feature sustainable products available to the industry right now, from beautiful brands including AH BeardArmadillo, Enviro HideCultivated by Cult DesignAMP Circular, E9 DesignHamelandCosentinoZepel FabricsResiLoop and TRAKS Textile Recycling.

In the lead up to the event, we spoke to the A.H Beard team to share their secrets on achieving the often elusive dream of premium sleep…

A.H Beard is one of the oldest mattress and bed-making companies in Australia. What’s the secret to your longevity?

Five generations of the A.H. Beard family have been committed to continuous innovation to ensure that we remain leaders in our field. We honour that history – where we started and everything we have learned – plus remain passionate about craftsmanship, quality and sustainability.

We are a caring family of families. A.H Beard is family at its core but with an extended family of 450 employees across Australia, New Zealand and China. As our 4th Generation ‘Beard’ and Chairman, Garry Beard, says: ‘Our people are our greatest asset. It’s also our mission for life-changing wellness, helping people understand how to improve their sleep quality and to help create a deeply personal experience in every moment.’

Your range is underpinned by the concept of ‘Premium Sleep’. I’m sure any sleep-deprived readers would love to hear more about how to achieve this?

Sleep directly impacts how we look, feel, and perform and it can have a major impact on our overall quality of life. Whilst a mattress plays a key role, there are so many other factors throughout our 24-hour day that can either positively or negatively impact the quality and quantity of our sleep, which is why A.H. Beard created the Sleep Wellness Centre.

Its aim is to inspire and motivate people to improve their life through better sleep. So, if you want to come along the journey to achieve the most restful and rejuvenating sleep of your life, what we at A.H. Beard call ‘Premium Sleep’, simply visit the Sleep Wellness Centre and sign up to the Free Sleep Wellness Program today.

Sustainability is a major focus of Decor + Design this year. Can you tell us about the A.H Beard ‘Origins’ range?

Origins is Australia’s first fully recyclable mattress collection – made to make tomorrow better.

Our passion for giving people the best sleep of their lives has been keeping us awake at night since 1899. But recently, something else has been disturbing our dreams. The one million mattresses every year that end their lives in Australian landfill.

That’s why, as a business committed to circular sustainability, we couldn’t rest until we’d created Australia’s first 100% recyclable and truly sustainable commercial mattresses. A collection we’re proud to call A.H. Beard Origins.

Every component in an A.H. Beard Origins mattress is chosen for its sleep-enhancing qualities, the sustainability of its source and end-of-life recyclability.

Mattresses made with locally-sourced wool fibres, fabrics woven from sustainably grown eucalypts, and the world’s first 100% recyclable pocket spring system. The glue-free construction allows for each A.H. Beard Origins mattress to be easily disassembled and the components separated for recycling at the end of its life.

Origins mattresses are handmade to order in Australia and will go on to live other useful lives, after they’ve given you the best sleep of your life.

All images courtesy of A.H Beard.

A.H Beard will be contributing to the 2023 Green Design Hub at Decor + Design Melbourne this year, 13 – 16 July. Why did you decide to take part?

As a business we are committed to circular sustainability and have recently started working with Karie Soehardi from Circular Design Thinking – who graciously invited us to participate at the event this year as a key component of the Green Design Hub.

We are excited to partner with such a forward-thinking organisation and really look forward to the coming opportunities as they evolve over time. This industry is constantly evolving and innovating at pace – and working with Circular Design Thinking  permits us to tap into their leadership and expertise within this space.

Visit the inaugural Green Design Hub at Decor + Design & The Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF), 13 -16 July at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, for a thought-provoking journey into what true sustainability looks like for the industry.

Along with A.H Beard, it will also feature products available to the industry right now, from beautiful brands including Armadillo, Enviro HideCultivatedAMP Circular, E9 DesignHamelandCosentinoZepel FabricsResiLoop and TRAKS Textile Recycling.

Entry to the exhibition is free but limited to design trade visitors. Register now and start planning your trip!