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See Exceptionally Engineered Surfaces From AC Stone
11 May 2022

Finding the right stone surface for a design project can feel like a Sisyphean task. While aesthetics are important, durability and…

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8 Simple Rules of Buying Used Furniture 
23 May 2018

It could be the matter of style, passion or practicality that has drawn you to purchase used furniture. Whichever one it…

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Everything that you need to know about 2018 flooring trends
28 January 2018

In the last couple of years, floors are finally getting the attention they deserve. In the past, the attention of interior…

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How Are New Furniture Materials Transforming Our Home
28 December 2017

Designers always look for new shapes to redefine space. Sometimes, to do that they look for inspiration in the past. Technology…

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7 Furniture Trends AIFF would like to see in Australian Homes
15 September 2017

Interior design is something everyone has heard about, tried to use in their homes and finally just terribly failed or did…

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Organized Home: Step by Step, Room by Room
28 June 2017

Deep down we all thrive to be more organized and have a neat living space – but organizing a whole home…

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How to Combine Interior Colours like an Expert
25 May 2017

Have you ever wondered how come that some people’s houses look much better than yours? Generally, when we fantasise about a…

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How to Set Up a Home Office
27 April 2017

Working in a home office brings many benefits to the table. You have flexible working hours, you are at home where…

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Bathroom trends you don’t want to miss for 2017
18 February 2017

Image Credit: Always the last one on the list; admit it, your bathroom is the least stylish room in your…

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Designing Patio In 10 Creative Ways
25 January 2017

You don’t need additional space to create a pocket of heaven in your home. With a little creativity, you can turn…

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