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Bedroom Furniture That Creates a Haven
6 May 2024

Our bedrooms are our centre in a perpetually spinning world. Places where we can recalibrate and emerge refreshed. When it comes to…

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Collectibles: VIVID Winner Dean Norton’s Stunning Furniture Designs
9 April 2024

We’ve been nurturing the future of the Australian design industry for the past two decades. Now in its 21st year, the VIVID…

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Experience How Viewa Enhances Furniture with Augmented Reality
7 July 2022

Augmented Reality (AR) for viewing furniture is once again one of the most-talked about pieces of tech for the industry! Traditional…

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Spotlight On…Jamie Durie
24 May 2022

We’re over the moon that one of Australia’s favourite designers, Jamie Durie, will be speaking at Decor + Design and the…

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Sonia Simpfendorfer Celebrates Australian Style
19 May 2022

NEWS: We’re delighted that Sonia Simpfendorfer will be speaking at the Seminar Series at the Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF) and Decor…

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VIVID Winner Isaac Pelchen Experiments With Light
19 May 2022

In important news for the future of Australian design, the VIVID Design Awards will be back at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre…

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Spotlight On…Shaynna Blaze
11 May 2022

We’re delighted that Shaynna Blaze will be bringing her unerring eye for style to Decor + Design and the Australian International…

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Spotlight On…Jason Grant
3 May 2022

Interior design and furniture goes beyond the aesthetic. It can drastically change up the way we feel and function – from…

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VIVID Winner Julia Quirk’s Poly Chair Brilliantly Reuses Excess Fabric
27 April 2022

The sustainable reuse of materials is at the forefront of the design zeitgeist. Last year’s VIVID Design Awards were notable for…

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Beautiful Sustainable Furniture From M + Co Living
13 April 2022

Conscious, sustainable design will be at the forefront of Decor + Design and the Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF), 14 –…

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