Deep down we all thrive to be more organized and have a neat living space – but organizing a whole home can seem like a daunting task. But don’t fret, just take some time to go through your house and cut out the clutter one space at a time. That way you’ll have a clearer view on what you need and don’t need in order to maximize storage. Our advice is to start sorting through and decluttering items in a particular area and getting rid of stuff you don’t need when you start each room. In doing so, you will have more space for maneuvering and maybe get some new ideas on how to organize each room. Start small, and work your way up to the bigger rooms, step by step – and here’s how.


Living room/area

Take a look at your living room and determine which part of that area has the highest traffic. What are the easiest routes to other rooms or hallways? If there is some furniture that gets in the way, try to reorganize the layout of your room so it provides the best flow. Living rooms are really hard to keep neat because it should be taken care of on a daily basis. It sees a lot of use but little storage room, and you can’t really disguise the clutter. When organizing, make sure you have designated areas for relaxation and social interactions separate. If some friends are coming over, make sure to have enough sitting space and find an adjustable table that can double up as a coffee table if need be.

Kitchen & dining area

Everyone tends to spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen and it is the hardest to keep clutter-free. Your cupboards are most likely chock-full of Tupperware and other gadgets. Take everything out and decide what you really need and what you can get rid of. Find some drawer dividers to separate different kinds of utensils and try to keep all of your dishes stackable for saving more space. You can even label your fridge and pantry – to keep all of the food and ingredients easily located. Last but not least, say bye-bye to the junk drawer. Chances are you’re not using most of the things stacked there.


If you have a garage, you’re most likely suffering from too much garage clutter. People tend to just throw in stuff they don’t know what to do with in there and forget about them altogether. Sports equipment, beach equipment, tools of all sorts… When you tackle your garage, make sure you go zone-by-zone in order to prevent being lost in all the chaos. Consider the following: Seasonal items like beach and sports equipment can take up so much space, but aren’t used more frequently than a few times a year. You can get rid of them since all those things can be rented! Or, if you don’t feel like letting them go, you can always rely on simple storage solutions and get them whenever you need them.


If you organize your bathroom more carefully, you will do yourself a big favor of getting ready more quickly in the morning. Going every day without hunting through tons of clutter will save you a great deal of time, not to mention it’s going to be easier to maintain the room altogether when it’s time for spring cleaning. Go through old makeup, skincare products and other goo-related things. Clear out the medicine cabinet and determine what type of product goes where, label it if you must. If you keep your cleaning products there, neatly stack them somewhere where children can’t reach. There’s nothing more refreshing than entering a streamlined, uncluttered bathroom.

Bedroom & closet

Your bedroom should be your safe haven to return to after a long day at work, not an extension of your closed or storage for piles of stuff you’re not sure where to put. Get rid of the habit of stacking bills and magazines on your night table or piles of clothes on the bed or floor. Consider adding some built-in shelves for easy access of things you really need there, and a chest or an ottoman at the foot of your bed for storing sheets, blankets and pillow cases. And remember: a neat closet means a clutter-free bedroom. Lastly, if you have a desk included for home-based work, make sure it’s the furthest from your bed.


When you’re finished, you will realize just how much space you actually have and you will make your house a lot easier to maintain than ever before. Houses can still get messy, but with less stuff to put away, you’ll spend less time cleaning up. After all, a neat home will leave you feeling more relaxed and accomplished.